A M O E B A   C H A N D E L I E R




frame dimensions: 5 meters (l) x 1.2 meters (w)


fabric cable colour: charcoal


material body colour: silver 


nine brass lamp holders, nine LED globe shaped lightbulbs & four matching brass ceiling cups


The amoeba chandelier was designed and crocheted

for the Skotnes Restaurant in the Norval Art Gallery


Year: 2018

Steenberg, Cape Town, South Africa

Photograph: Phil De Villiers



M O L E C U L A R   C H A N D E L I E R

Molecular Chandelier - Ashlee Lloyd.jpg
Molecular Chandelier Close Up - Ashlee Lloyd.jpg




frame dimensions: 3.1 meters (l) x 2.8 meters (w)


fabric cable colour: champagne


material body colour: black


 seven copper light fittings, seven 40watt squirrel cage globe shaped lightbulbs & two matching three-hole copper ceiling cups


The molecular chandelier was designed and crocheted for the New Wave Exhibition

in the Guild Group - Art Gallery


Year: 2016

Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

Photograph: Adrianne Louw



please note: all chandeliers/installations are once off, no design may be repeated. 

please contact for private commissions.