a collection of my work



A conceptual design of a solar powered regenerative greywater reuse unit for the urban household.


X - O P E N E R   b y   M O X I

The X - Opener is a sophisticated bottle opener designed specifically for the avid craft beer drinker. Through the vessel of design, MOXI draws inspiration from the bold aesthetics and dedication to quality prevalent in the craft beer community. The imbedded magnet guides the user’s hand and promotes conscious disposal of the bottle cap, while the juxtaposition of cold steel and warm leather encapsulates the experience of drinking artisanal craft beer. Evoking emotions through discursive interaction.


I N T O - T W I N E 

My coffee table made from bamboo & t-yarn twine.  The hand-crocheted cream coloured panel provides a chocolate brown inside pouch for magazines and books and the embedded cork invites you to rest your favourite beverage. Designed with sustainability in mind, this would be a true eco-asset to a cosy lounge or office.



Superfood in a super system. Nebel is designed for use in limited interior kitchen areas. This system is designed to house micro greens utilising a hydroponic system (atomisation) & LED growing lights. Making superfood super simple. 


C A S T I N G   B R O N Z E


S E R A M I K H 

A bespoke range of metallic glazed ceramic dishes. These vibrantly glaze-coloured dishes are designed specifically for Thai cuisine, they comprise of set : rice bowl, small spice dish, and the main "eating"  vessel with the added benefits of a resting place for chopsticks and a specifically designed spout to pour all those delicious juices over the last grains of rice.


L A   P O U F F E

Pouffe - A handcrafted seat cushion or foot rest. Crocheted rope and with a inserted engraved leather hyde.


S O L I T A R Y   L U N A R   L A M P

A light made in solitude. Casted concrete, wire frame, maroon cabling and an exposed lightbulb.